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E. M. Leicht

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    This was my first visit to Dr. Marc Howard, and the experience was first-class in every way. His office staff was pleasant, competent, respectful, & efficient. Dr. Howard himself is an excellent listener--patient, thorough, and professional. I had been without a healthcare provider for a number of years, so I had a moderate number of diverse health issues I wanted to discuss. As I said, he was patient and thorough and compassionately and thoughtfully listened to all my concerns and made appropriate professional recommendations for tests and further observation. I am 100% satisfied with Doctor Howard's manner, style, and skills, and, based on my experience so far, would recommend him without hesitation or reservation to anyone interested in creating a first experience with a new doctor.
Monterey Spine & Joint Home

Ryan Ranch 12 Upper Ragsdale Drive Monterey, CA 93940

  • Practice Hours: 8am-5pm M-F
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